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It Only Gets Stranger

Here's the thing. Stranger Things season 1 was DOPE. So when season 2 came out, I immediately went to Netflix to watch it. And two weeks from it's release, I have already watch it twice. And now, I'm so much more of a fan than before. I think the storyline has evolved and is getting… Continue reading It Only Gets Stranger

Feelings and Thoughts · Poetry

My Take on Modern Poetry

I swear I am no Shakespeare. But I have come to love poetry way back when I was in highschool. I've written a few (poorly made, mind you) poems back then and have loved reading poetry books, both in English and Filipino languages. When I was in college, I joined a poetry writing workshop, but… Continue reading My Take on Modern Poetry

Feelings and Thoughts · Trips and Travels

How Travel Changed My Life

Pre-travelled Sahara was a naïve and skittish girl with a fear of getting lost because she has no sense of direction and no life experience except going to school and going back home. She fears adventures and has always been anxious in going to new places and meeting new people. She’s always been worried about… Continue reading How Travel Changed My Life