Feelings and Thoughts

Someone Fell in Love Today


Someone fell in love today. Someone was able to get through the iron walls she built around her heart and made her fell in love. But she was afraid of it. She was terrified of the butterflies that were doing a riot inside her heart. She was afraid of getting it wrong and getting hurt. She was afraid that her heart might betray her. That he may betray her and leave her walls broken and her heart scathed. She was scared to feel incomparably happy only to end up getting hurt. She’s afraid it has come to the point that she has no control of how she felt.

But maybe, just maybe, happiness is too rare that it might be worth it to risk it. She convinced herself that it’s okay to feel weak and vulnerable and completely out of control. She’s willing to risk it even though she’s scared as hell. So she looked down at her chest and whispered to her heart, “Let’s give it a try.”

And that was how she let herself fall in love today… maybe for real this time.


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