Let’s Talk About The Selection Book Series


I had internal mind battle whether to read The Selection Series or not. I’m not exactly sure why, but I thought it was another gloss teen romance. Turns out, it was more than that. Really more than that. You really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

I’m being honest, saying that my heart wasn’t really into in the moment I laid eyes on it. But the deeper I got into the story, the deeper fan I become, the more attached I become. There was some gripping element in it that will pull you in. So, it was fair to say that my favourite book in the series in the last one, The Crown.

I love that it was more than just a love story. Even America and Maxon’s story was more than just a fairy-tale. More especially Eadlyn’s. Oh, I seriously love Eadlyn’s story. I’m so grateful for Kiera Cass for not ending the story in the first three books.

America and Maxon’s relationship status? It’s complicated. You know, America thinks she’s in love with Aspen and Maxon is holding a Selection. I‘ve always like America’s character: the epitome of doing what is right. But it seems like when it comes to love, she doesn’t know what to do. I think what Marlee said is right. America has always the best intentions, but bad ideas.

It was crazy reading how much she was torn between Maxon and Aspen. But I think it makes her character more believable. Because in real life, you also get torn like that. Literally between the Prince and the Knight in Shining Armor. It shows that she wasn’t perfect. That like most of us, she’s never sure about her heart.

I love that she was so ready to do anything for the people she loves. And she’s not even afraid of the King. She’s brave and tough and a lot more than a just a princess or queen to be.

I witnessed in the first three books the love that can survive in the midst of war, figuratively and literally. There were also some other elements like friendship and family, but I think it really is more about love and bravery. And oh! I so love the ending line of the third book: “This isn’t a happily ever after, this is so much more than that.”

Because yes, I believe America and Maxon’s story is so much more than a just happily ever after.

Then when you were already weeping and lamenting that the series has already ended, there was actually two more books, and of course the novellas.

I read all the novellas before I started reading the last two books. And they actually gave me a really nice insight of the story from the perspective of other characters. But of all the characters of the first three books, I think my favourite was Celeste.

I know, I know. She’s not really a likable character. But I think, other than America, she was the most developed character in a span of three books. She was the bitch, the diva, and then on the third book she became one of America’s proudest friends. I actually liked that. And I’m still grieving her death until now. How could you Kiera Cass? Why did you kill Celeste’s character like that? (sobs) It would have been fun to read about Celeste in the last two books, giving Eadlyn advice and couching her.

Speaking of the fourth and fifth book, I am guiltily admitting that I like them more than the first three. I actually like The Crown better, as I’ve mentioned previously. I mean, those two books don’t focus on love too much. Well maybe it does. But it was more girl power, family and life. And finding love seemed to be a little shy to Eadlyn at first. And it was really good when she realized she was in love: “You treacherous, treacherous thing! What have you done?”

It was good seeing America and Maxon’s love story from the perspective of their only daughter. Seeing how they actually proved that their story is more than a happily ever after.  How someone can find love and hold onto it forever. And how Marlee and Lucy stayed by America’s side. And how May became a gorgeous lady.

I will admit I actually cried on some on the scenes from that book. Maybe because I was a little too deeply in love with the whole story already that I became too attached. I cried on the first chapter of The Crown when Eadlyn was announcing that America suffered a heart attack, and she stopped mid-sentence. I also cried when she was whispering about the back-up parent thing in America’s ear in chapter 2. And I also cried when Osten and Kaden, her brothers, came to her room asking about the condition of their mother.

But my favourite scene of all of that will be Eadlyn’s first advisory board meeting when she was named regent. Boy, that was too much girl power! She was arguing with Coddly and Andrews that her brother, Ahren, going to France to marry Princess Camille is not treasonous. “For all intents and purposes, I am queen and you will not coerce me into anything!

I also like that Eadlyn usually gives herself a pep talk: “I’m Eadlyn Shreeve and no one in the world is as powerful as me.

I heard there will be a movie adaptation already. I just hope they give justice to a really good book series. I might just re-read again. And just dream of the same happily ever afters like America and Eadlyn. But for now, let me still cry for Celeste’s death. (Sorry, I haven’t moved on from that)


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