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Remembering Zambales (Part 2)

Second day of our Zambales trip was spent at Magalawa Island since we were already in Palauig.

That morning, we get ready and cooked our food for the trip since we didn’t reserve a slot for a packaged trip to the island that costs almost 1,700.

We left my friend’s house and went to Villa Rafael, a small resort in Palauig. Villa Rafael was owned by a relative of my friend. My friend was told that there will be a boat that will shuttle the resort visitors to Magalawa Island and that maybe we could hitch there.

But when we got there, we were told that the plan was cancelled because there was no available boat that time. My friend’s aunt told us directions how to get to the island instead. They even let us borrow a huge rainbow umbrella that we could use in the island. Because we were only three and renting a cottage will be expensive.

My friend’s uncle drove us to the tricycle terminal where we can get to Magalawa Island. We bargained with the tricycle driver and we got a fair of 80 pesos per person. And the bumpy road and long drive made us realize that our 80 pesos is really sulit naman!

When we got to the small, make shift port, a lady told us to wait since the boat just left. But another second and we were being called that the boat came back to carry us instead. The boat fare is 100 pesos back and forth.

IMG_4796-01As we get near the Island, I couldn’t help but feel excited. This, Magalawa Island is the real plan why we were in Zambales and we’re almost there. I took lots of pictures. I mean, I can’t help it. That’s why I should be trusted to hold a camera.

When we get to the island, the other boat passengers are waiting for the ladder for them to get off the boat. Well, since me and my friends were really excited, we jumped right off. We landed in the water and the soft sand under our feet. Indeed, Magalawa Island is a paradise.

IMG_5478-01When we were at the shores, we were asked if we’ll take on a package or will we get a cottage? Armada Resort, one of the two resorts in Magalawa Island, requires an entrance fee of 100 pesos. And instead of getting a cottage, we find a spot for our big umbrella and we used something to sit on. And it’s for FREE.

IMG_9410-01That was all we paid for in the island since we also have our own food. You know, when you’re travelling on a shoestring, you learn how to improvise. That’s one thing I’m good at. Improvising life is better by going away and seeing beautiful places instead of staying and keeping my eyes closed because of things I’m afraid to realize.

IMG_5521-01We rest for a while at our make shift blanket and decided to eat our lunch early since we feel rather sea sick after the boat ride. After that, this girl who is part of the management of the island went to us and asked if she could take us photo with her expensive camera.

IMG_9407-02Then after a while, we already went to explore the beach. It was really beautiful and enchanting. There was a stretch of the shore line where we took most pictures of. It was a very prestine and virgin island and I hope it stays that way. I hope it won’t be like others that lost their beauty beacuse of people’s fault.

Because you know, when something is so beautiful like that, people will hear about it. They will come, they will go. they will leave some things (mostly trash). They never even realize the importance of “Leave No Trace” policy.

IMG_4804-01There weren’t many people there when we visited last May 2015. We really enjoyed our time there and we’ve always wanted to go back. I hope we could. Soon. 🙂


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