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When In Quezon: Padre Burgos Experience

How exactly do you plan a trip? Months in advance? Or was it spur of the moment? Or was is planned months in advance, then when the time came, more and more obstacles came up, but there's the "pabebe" attitude so walang nakapigil? Guess what? We're the latter. We had a talk about going in… Continue reading When In Quezon: Padre Burgos Experience

Trips and Travels

Remembering Zambales (Part 2)

Second day of our Zambales trip was spent at Magalawa Island since we were already in Palauig. That morning, we get ready and cooked our food for the trip since we didn't reserve a slot for a packaged trip to the island that costs almost 1,700. We left my friend's house and went to Villa… Continue reading Remembering Zambales (Part 2)