Feelings and Thoughts


So what do you do when that one person you thought you’re going to marry one day is actually about to get married to someone else? You cry? You get drunk? You talk to your friends? You confront him?

Me? I wrote this blog post.

I know, I’ve already expected it. The way their relationship looks like on Facebook seems to get serious. I know he’s so smitten by her and she’s in love with him as well. I could picture them getting married. Just not this soon.

His fiance posted it. The video of their prenup and the news to their wedding was out. For an outsider to their relationship, example: me, it felt so rushed. Like they were hurrying for something. Maybe they’re just too in love? I’m not really sure.

His fiance kept on posting. And knowing him, he’s a bit show-y of his feelings too. But all he has posted yet is him changing his cover photo. Not any post of proudness or of an announcement, or even replies to those comments of congratulations.

And that got me wondering. How is he keeping up? How does he feel right now? Is he okay? Is he feeling overwhelmed?

As much as I wanted to talk to him, I can’t because simply…we don’t talk to each other anymore. That would be embarrassing and awkward. But I hope this wedding is his decision too. I hope he doesn’t do this because he had to, but because he wanted to. I hope he’s doing well. I hope he doesn’t think about me as much as I think about him. I hope they make each other happy.

I might’ve sound a bit ridiculous back there but that’s the truth. I want the best for him. I’m glad that he’s found “The One” when I’m still fighting through the jungle full of Mr. Wrongs.

I just wish that what we had before, if he ever felt the same thing as I did, I wish he wouldn’t forget how much I was here for him. Even though I know I can’t tell him.

So, congratulations on finding your forever.


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