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Sunday Shares: My Hard-Earned 26 (Part 1)

For the second half of my 20’s, I’d like to share 26 of the lessons I’ve picked along the years. Most of them I’ve learned the hard way. But that’s life, right? When it kicks your ass, you gotta kick back harder. And because explaining 26 life lessons would take up too much of time… Continue reading Sunday Shares: My Hard-Earned 26 (Part 1)

Sunday Shares

Sunday Shares: Week 1

It was 2016 when I started this blog. And I know I’m not as active in maintaining and updating it as I should. I haven’t written about all my trips yet, and other stuff I wanted to write and share. But I’ll get there, I promise. This blog, The Girl from Bulacan, gave me an… Continue reading Sunday Shares: Week 1