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The Sun and the Flowers

This is a story of a hot summer day, on my birthday, the 18th of April 2018. It was just last year when I started a tradition of going somewhere new on my birthday. 2017, I went to Marian Orchard in Batangas, which was also my first solo trip (I know, I know. I haven't… Continue reading The Sun and the Flowers

Feelings and Thoughts

It Only Gets Stranger

Here's the thing. Stranger Things season 1 was DOPE. So when season 2 came out, I immediately went to Netflix to watch it. And two weeks from it's release, I have already watch it twice. And now, I'm so much more of a fan than before. I think the storyline has evolved and is getting… Continue reading It Only Gets Stranger

Trips and Travels

ROADTRIP CHUMS: The Realities We Faced in Mariveles, Bataan

Just a disclaimer, this is not your typical travel blog post. Our trip to Mariveles, Bataan had been fun, really. But I promised I am going to be perfectly honest in this blog. So I have to tell you that what we expected was faced with some realities. The trip wasn't perfect. And maybe it… Continue reading ROADTRIP CHUMS: The Realities We Faced in Mariveles, Bataan